How to become more involved with the practice

There are a number of ways you can become involved with the practice. We do listen and we do try and deliver a better service as a result.

1) Write to us at the surgery. Address the letter to the"Practice Manager" and either post it or drop it off at the reception desk.

2) Write to our Patient Participation group. Simply address the letter to "Patient Participation group" and drop it off at the Surgery. We will ensure it gets to one of the group members. If you would like to be involved more, we have a Patient Participation Group where we meet on a regular basis. The group acts as your voice to the practice. More details can be found on our website under Patient Participation Group

3) You can enter comments onto the NHS choices website for all to see. Choose the menu link on the left or choose the options you are interested in here: 1) View our NHS Choices website information. 2) View comments posted on our NHS Choices website 3) Enter you own comments on the NHS Choices website.

4) You can post your reviews on line. If there is a specific complaint, please speak to us as we cannot deal with anonymous complaints posted on the web. For further details about our complaints policy, click here


Above all, we are human and we do honestly try our best.. So if you are pleased by something we have done or said or one of our staff has helped in an important way, please let us know as a thank you goes along way. It lets us know that we are getting things right. We do take complaints seriously but we also appreciate the complements.