How to register

Registration at the Kegworth and Gotham Surgeries

We ask that all new patients complete forms in our registration pack. You can either download the forms online or alternatively pick up our registration packs from the reception desks at both Kegworth and Gotham surgeries.

Please download and complete the following two forms:

1) GMS1 form(click here to download the form): this is the NHS registration form that you are required in order to obtain NHS services









2) Kegworth information form (click here to download the form): this is confidential information relating to your health, medical history as well as family history and for those acting as carers. This enables us to set up our proper screening services and target health information. Please complete it as in much detail as you can as this will only help you with regards to the services we can offer you.

Once potential new patients have completed the paperwork, if over 18 years old, they will need to attend the surgery in person, bringing along photo ID and proof of address.  We ask that new patients allow 48 hours, wherever possible, before requesting an appointment.  This allows time for their details to be added to our computer system.

Once details are added to the computer system you can request a new patient consultation with our Practice Nurse. This will help the doctors and nurses appreciate your health needs. 

It would help if you could bring with you an up to date NHS medical card.   If you cannot find it, do not despair, simply see our Reception staff and ensure you know the following details:

  • Full name, including previous names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Last address
  • New address and post code
  • Name and address of your previous doctor
  • NHS number if known – This is not the same as your national insurance number – your NHS number is found on your medical card