Kegworth and Gotham Staff



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All of the Partners and Assistants are involved with teaching at the postgraduate and undergraduate level, closely linked with the University of Nottingham. The Postgraduate Doctors from the Nottingham General Pracitce Specialty Trainign Programme are on 16 month attachements to the practice.

Many of the Doctors have specialist interests in both clinical and non-clinical areas


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Nurses are able to deal with many of the things you might think you need to see a doctor about. These include blood pressure checks, contraception, travel advice, minor illness management, diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma and COPD. They are also trained to take responsibility for the triage of urgent cases so they are dealt with by the appropriate person at the best time.

Phlebotomists take all our blood specimens and help the doctors and nurses with many other tasks.

Administration and Reception

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