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Congratulations on getting your place here at the University of Nottingham. For many of you, this will be the first time you have lived away from home. You will have already arranged your student loan, your accommodation, but there is one thing that many students forget to do and that is to register with a local GP. It would assist us enormously if we could obtain your health details as soon as possible but in order to do this you will need to complete our registration form so that we can formally request your records. Please read our Practice Information leaflet giving you details of our opening hours and many other pieces of information, much of which also appears on this web site.



You will need to complete 2 forms in order get registered at the practice

1) Kegworth health information form. Click here to download the form This gives us your personal information regarding illnesses, medication, allergies, family history and so on.



1) GMS1 NHS registration form. Click here to download the form.This is the NHS form that the NHS requires to formally register you with the practice. You will have been registered already with your practice from your home address. When you move, you need to register with us in order to continue to receive medical services.








Please complete form and bring it along to the Student Intake day where members of our staff from Kegworth Surgery will be available to help process your registration with the surgery.

It is normal policy within the NHS to add certain aspects of your health information such as your medication and allergies to the national NHS database called the Summary Care Record and share this information with Hospitals and Out of Hours organisations. Information on the Summary Care Record can be read online here. If you wish to opt out of the Summary Care Record, please complete this form. If you do not object to having your records shared within other NHS organisations, you need do nothing as we will assume that if we do not hear from you within 2 weeks of registration, you have no objection to sharing. If you decide against sharing, you must let us know within 2 weeks.

Please go to our Appointments page for information relating to appointments by clicking the link here.

Additional information

SATURDAY CLINICS Since the timetable sometimes restricts student availability to attend Doctor’s appointments, we hold Saturday surgeries on various dates listed below for students, and our other patients, who due to work commitments, find it difficult to attend appointments within our normal surgeries, Monday to Friday.
These surgeries usually have 2 Doctors and 1 Nurse available for appointments, which should be booked by telephoning our appointments line on 01509 674919 or via our newly launched on-line appointments booking service (you can register for this service by coming in to the surgery reception with photo ID (passport or photo driving licence) where you will be given your own log on details.
In addition to the surgeries listed above, each Wednesday afternoon there will be appointments available with a Nurse (no Doctor on duty, as it is the surgery half day), from 1.00 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Please note we do not see patients on a “Walk-In” basis for any of our surgeries (including Saturdays)- all seen by appointment only.

If you are an international student or from the EU, please click on this link to read more about whether you are eligible for care in the UK under the NHS.

If you are unfamiliar as to what the NHS can offer, click here to view an outline as to the services you are entitled to and how the NHS can work for you.

The address of the practice can be accessed by clicking here as well as a map showing the location of the practice. The practice we suggest you register at is the Kegworth Surgery, our main site. The Gotham Surgery is a branch site.

You will be asked to see a Practice Nurse for a health check if you are currently taking any medication, including the contraceptive pill. Please complete the health questionnaire and return to the surgery as soon as possible.

Family Planning Services are offered at the Surgery, in confidence, by the Nurse or Doctor. This also includes emergency contraception.
Leaflets are available within the University from the Welfare Officer, and also from the Surgery.
Emergency contraception is also available from Boots Pharmacy Kegworth, and the Walk In Centres at Loughborough and Nottingham.
More information on contraception appears on our web site by clicking here.

Information regarding sexual health can be obtained here.

ON CONTRACEPTION? Once registered with the Practice, you need to arrange to see a Doctor for an appointment before any medication can be prescribed. Please Allow 48 hours for prescriptions to be raised. If you want to collect the prescription from the Surgery so that you can take to be dispensed at a Pharmacy of your choice, you must state this on your request, or we will automatically send it up to Boots Pharmacy at the top of The Dragwell in Kegworth.

The MH Advisor can help to ensure that students have the opportunity to access the range of support services available at the University such as financial and academic support, counselling, assistance with accommodation, specialist support for international students etc.
They can assist in liaising with academic schools to maximise the student's ability to successfully complete their studies. To learn more about these services, click here.

The cervical smear screening programme starts at age 25. You will be invited to attend, by the Practice, at the appropriate time. For more information on cervical smears, click here.

Each Flu season the surgery holds clinics to administer the flu vaccine to those patients in the recommended, eligible groups. If you fall into this category, and usually have a flu vaccine, please ring the surgery to arrange an appointment.

If you need to have travel vaccines, please book 2 x 20 minute appointments with one of our Practice Nurses. First go onto for free up to date information regarding your destination and vaccinations required. Print this information off and bring along to the first of your appointments with the Practice Nurse. The Reception staff or Practice Nurse can inform you of charges applicable. Please Note: we are unable to give vaccines for Occupational purposes such as TB, Hep B - for these you need to contact your local Occupational Health department or Student Services for further advice. For more information on travel vaccinations that we can offer from the surgery, click here.

Once registered with the Practice, you will need to arrange to see a Nurse for an appointment before any medication can be prescribed

Once registered with the Practice, if you come into the surgery with Photographic ID you can register to order your repeat prescriptions on line. The reception staff will supply you with a user name and password once they have seen your photo ID, which is necessary to protect patient confidentiality. On line access to repeat prescriptions is at the top of the page.

Useful telephone numbers
View useful telephone numbers here specifically put together for Nottingham University students. Internal University numbers are displayed where appropriate together with useful contact numbers for University run departments.

It is important that you let us know if you change address at any time whilst at University. If you do not inform us, and mail goes out to the wrong address, it will be returned “addressee unknown” or “addressee gone away”. You will then be deducted from our list by the Health Authority, and will then need to re-register.
It is equally important that you inform us of any change in telephone number. On occasions we need to telephone patients to re-arrange appointments. If we do not hold up to date information for you, you could possibly have a wasted journey to the surgery.