Travel information

We do offer travel advice, assessment of need and NHS travel vaccinations free of charge. Please see the below process to follow.

  1. Travel Advice

Please take a look at the Travel Health Pro website and access the relevant information for your country of travel.  

2. Travel Assessment

Contact the surgery to arrange a telephone appointment with a nurse for an initial assessment AT LEAST 6 WEEKS before departure. 

We will ask questions relating to your travel plans to assess your risk and advise you on which vaccinations you may require.

The 6-week lead time is required to order your vaccinations and to ensure you are fully protected for your trip.

If you contact us LESS THAN 6 WEEKS before your travel date, you will be advised to seek travel vaccinations from a private travel clinic.

3. Travel Vaccinations

We can provide the NHS travel vaccinations that are free of charge.

There may be other vaccinations that we recommend based on your assessment. We DO NOT currently administer these. However, they are privately available at specialist travel clinics and will incur a charge.

If anti-malaria medication is required, this can be done on a private prescription or accessed through a pharmacist; both routes would incur a fee.