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About Kegworth

Located at the heart of the village, Kegworth surgery has a rich history of providing high quality care to local residents, dating back to at least the early 19th century. There has no doubt been vast changes along the way, with the most recent premises being built in 1990, a year on from the infamous Kegworth air disaster. The stability and longevity of successive partnerships over the past few decades are a reflection of our ethos to provide personalised, holistic and continuous care to our patients.

About Gotham

Our branch in the rural village of Gotham provides the equivalent high-quality care for local residents and is based at the Village Memorial Hall.

The earliest healthcare connection between Kegworth and Gotham was in 1876.

Our Gotham branch has a well-established dispensary service which has proven popular with local residents.

The Gotham branch is currently closed due to fire. Services for Gotham patients are currently offered through the Kegworth branch.